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Magoo is a local company in South Africa, we create awesome personalized baby items. Our products are Growth Rulers, dummy holders, baby bean bags and baby laundry washing baskets.

Growth chart rulers – What’s all this about a growth chart ruler? Its a giant ruler that we’ve hand cut, and hand painted and transformed into a growth chart ruler to watch your child and record your child grow. It’s great for measuring small kids, or big kids, or even adults. It starts at 1400mm and goes all they way up to 1800mm. You attach the growth chart ruler directly to the wall simply drill some holes and screw it directly to the wall. These rulers are hand painted and stained. These wooden growth chart rulers are extremely durable and are safe for kids. (Just make sure to hang up the ruler correctly, we do leave detailed instructions.

We have a range of growth chart rulers for boys and growth chart rulers for girls. Should you wish to customize your own ruler entirely the Magoo team will have to look at which Growth chart ruler you have chosen and we will quote you from there.
You can personalize your own growth chart ruler, it by adding the child’s name and the heights of family members. We have various wood types and colors available for you to choose. Should you not find what you are looking for, just send us an email and we will custom design a growth chart ruler for you.

Dummy Holders - How many times do you ask yourself where did i put the dummy? Thanks to Magoo, we have solved this problem for you and added a super stylish dummy holder to your baby's wardrobe. The dummy holder keeps the dummy clean and within your reach. We have gone through great measures to ensure not only if your dummy pacifier clip fashionable but baby safe.

Dummy holder Features
• Easily attaches to baby’s clothes to keep pacifier clean, safe and within reach
• Clip in studs that fits most dummy pacifiers
• Smart design enables one hand use

Each dummy holder comes very nicely packaged on a card with instructions and need to know’s, perfect for gift giving or ready for shop display! The dummy holder is made with 100% cotton fabric. The end that attaches to the pacifier has snaps attached, which can be used with most pacifiers. The other end has a metal clip (plastic teeth so it will not damage clothing) to attach to child’s clothing, blankets, strollers etc. It’s a great way to keep track of your little ones baby pacifier.

Baby Bean Bags - Our gorgeous Baby bean bags are a real special treat for your baby. These Baby bean bags come in a wide rage of different colours and different styles. We make our Baby bean bags in South Africa and are all hand-made.

We not only have a large collection of baby bean bag products, our customers speak for themselves. Our Baby bean bags are interchangeable, allowing you to purchase single covers should your little toddler mess on your Baby bean bag.

Some Information about our Baby bean bags
• Awesome for newborns and toddlers, our baby bean bag allows you to get a few things done knowing your baby is safely strapped in the baby bean bag.
• Portable so you can take it with you to make sure your baby is always comfortable and happy.
• Pre-Filled and ready to use.
• Equipped with a comfortable seat belt to keep your child safe.