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I like to think that every child is an adventurer, always curious and looking for magic. I once was that child too and maybe a part of me never grew up in that sense and I too still look for the magic and adventure in things and what better way than to create quirky whimsical things.

Our story is not glamorous and amazing but it started from humble beginnings. I originally were looking for baby shower gifts for friends and soon realized SA at the time didn't really have custom made items like the ones I was looking for and I decided to create the mobile I wanted, for my best friend's little baby girl.

Soon after, I decided to create one for a family member who too had a baby on the way, and the rest is history!

It started from a desire to create something different and grew into a hobby with great passion.

My husband (as I like to call him even though we are not married...yet) is great at almost EVERYTHING and he started creating those beautiful play gyms.

All of our items are made from 100% merino wool felt or a blend, which is the best quality money can buy.
These felt sheets are imported which makes them extra pricey but so worth it and I won't ever compromise quality over profit.

Every item is custom made with love and thought and I try create them uniquely to each order.

These nursery felt items are more than helping baby to learn, keeping them occupied or just bringing some comfort, I believe it is part of an important process a new mommy goes through creating the perfect nursery. I've seen mommies get SO excited over these items, their excitement is why I love creating.

We are growing, slowly and indefinitely

Welcome to Little Adventurer, we hope you feel inspired...