Silicone Fruit Sieve

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Introduce your baby or toddler with yummy fruit juice with the Wee Baby Silicone Fruit Sieve.
This Silicone Fruit Sieve is a great tool to help with the transition from liquids to solids as well as provides them with nutrients necessary from fruit and vegetables for healthy development.

With silicone perforated mesh, pulp remains in strainer and baby is able to extract juice comfortably without the risk of swallowing and choking.

Product Features:

Retaining Section
Lock System
Made from BPA-Free material
Can be Sterilized
Suitable for 6+ months infants
Allows the baby to meet with fruit and eat fruit safely
Colours available: pink(7), blue(6), green(4) and lilac(2)

Price: R179.00

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